by Kent Shores

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wrote a rap inspired by Chilly Gonzales' song Never Stop


What is my intention it’s seriousness for serious
I don’t mess around when I see people sitting around listening to this
Here I am up in front of you just doing this rap
Decided to write these lyrics instead of taking my evening nap
Tried to write a banger that makes you all wanna clap
But all I did was stay up late till my motivation snapped

What is my intention determination not really
I don’t care about being number one but portraying my current feeling
Gotta buy myself a new car gotta get another job
What am I doing in this music business, take it serious it’s not a hob
They tell me you gotta hussle at best I’ll scrape along
They say money can’t buy you happiness but I cannot starve for long

What is my intention release my inner cynic
I know this rap isn’t gonna please any critic
This is me up on this stage spitting up rhymes for money
No I’m not jay z or mary j but this is my gig buddy
If you don’t like it blame chilly for inspiring
That any guy can write a beat with all cylinders firing
True art comes from what’s beating inside your chest
Paint a picture with my words and forget about the rest

What is my intention now I’m just dumbstruck
I can’t believe I did a whole rap without saying the word….
I kept my rhymes clean in case my grandma is in the audience
Only will smith would be proud of my lack of disobedience
Now what was the point of this rap in my last verse
To prove that I can slam and show the world this can’t get any worse

Does humour belong in a set like this
Like heath ledger I ask you why so serious
Comic relief isn’t new it’s Shakespearean
Time to end this rhyme while it still has all the feeling in

Now it’s time for my remix so I can make twice as much money
Change the drumbeat add a band and you’ve fooled all the dummies


released January 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Kent Shores Edmonton, Alberta

Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Veggie Monster, Canadian

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